GINCO IT provides full service of IT and Advertising solutions to big and small business. Ginco IT has extensive experience in computer networking and provides organizations with transparency and flexibility from small community groups requiring their first network to larger organizations needing network repairs and security overhauls.
We are a part of Ginco group of companies. Our strength is more than 3000 employees consistin of Engineers, Technician and Labours.

We are a solution provider with the focus on understanding the client’s needs and fulfilling them with the “best fit” solution by utilizing state of the art technology and innovations based on the industry’s best practices. The company enjoys a distinctive position in the IT market due to its high quality of work and a large ever growing list of satisfied and prestigious clients. Our entire business is geared towards helping our clients to successfully implement their critical IT initiatives in a timely and cost efficient manner. Working with us is a reasonable and reliable option to in-house development or inexpensive domestic consultancies.
We are proud to deliver a reliable communication platform with fully integrated features, increase network performance, provide a single point for reliable fast customer service and introduce new ways for companies to increase productivity with today’s communications technology.

The benefit of our input is the development of networks that are designed around and for configure. They are intuitive to use which helps to reduce training time. We manage the involvement of end users in the development of the requirements and in the usability testing of the networks as they are produced.
Ginco IT has a global presence over middle east such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We are in steps to explore our reach to many more countries.


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